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Open Mouth Class

Add style and interest to the bears you create by giving your bear an open mouth. Joan will take you though the process step by step.

This class will only take you though the process of doing the mouth, not making the whole bear. The cost of the class only is $30 AUD (approx $17 USD).

There is a pattern of the bear used in the photographs on this page, (Harrison), available on CD with extra illustrations for $18 AUD (10 USD) or as a traditional paper pattern for $12 AUD ($7 USD).

The kit contains pattern, mohair, paw fabric, German glass eyes, beads for teeth, mouth fabric, nose thread, ribbon, and joints. Cost is $80 AUD ( $45 USD).

This is a mini class teaching only the open mouth method, and you will need your own bear pattern to work with. Joan recommends using a pattern for a bear over 12" tall for your first effort. It will need to have a muzzle with some depth.

If you have any questions about whether the bear pattern you are using will work, just ask!

To enrol for this course at any time please contact me

Below is a photo of Harrison, the bear I designed for this class. He is available as a pattern or a kit.